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Ordinary people

doing extraordinary things

  Transformation is like an oil stain

You are made to do extraordinary things! But how do you start? Are you eagerly waiting for the kingdom of God to break through in your city, in the Netherlands?

God loves you and has a blueprint for your life, but it is your task to discover it and live it. You can make a difference in this world. It is time to look at yourself as God does; beloved and created with an unique purpose.

To transform the world, a society, starts with yourself. When you and I start changing, your surroundings will change, such as your family, your workplace and the street where you live in. Transformation is like an oil stain. God wants to touch you first and show you who you are in His eyes and what authority He has given you.

After that, your family and your surroundings will change as well, almost smoothly. How? They will notice that you are changed. The people in your sphere of influence will notice that you are changed. God’s love and mercy is on you and will touch others that they will be aware that they need God in their lives.

Your inner transformation start a domino effect.

As you can see, transformation begins small, but the effect of your transformation will be huge, bigger than you could ever imagine.

  Transformation begins with prayer

How to use your influence

  ekklesia cirkel

The destiny of the Ekklesia was to transform people and society and not to create a transfer station for saved souls with heaven as their destiny. The Ekklesia inserts the yeast ofGod’s Kingdom into every social fiber. How do you use your influence?

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"The Netherlands craves for identifiable figures"

Siebe & Volke

“It is our heart’s desire to bring people to their destination, to bring restoration and to equip them to be a disciple. So that Christians in The Netherlands take their place and become visible in business, politics, media, healthcare etc. Empower them and send to be sent out.”

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The root of transformation is desire.

(Chris Powell)

Into Practice

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Thea Kok

“I want people to reach their full potential so they will live life to the fullest instead of surviving. We want to teach as much people as possible to help themselves.”

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Testimony of Poncho Murguia

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