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Imagine you can overcome all the problems in your personal life and even the social problems in your sphere of influence. That you know the needs of the people around you and know how to solve that, so that eventually our society, schools, government and  business will change.

When this is your heart’s desire, but you have no idea where to start; visit our training!

During this empowering and uplifting 10 week session, you will be immersed in biblical principles to experience transformation in yourself, your family, in your sphere of influence and beyond. It will bring a total change in the way you relate to people and in the way you work. You will discover your unique destiny. Worldwide hundreds of thousands went ahead of you and were trained in the principles of bringing transformation. Go on this journey with us and meet other participants, speakers and trainers and let yourself be immersed.


The material has been developed by Ed Silvoso, written out of his 25 years of experience with transformation. Not only in North- and South-America but also in different places in the world and that gives him authority to speak about this subject.
Chuck Starnes, the director of The School of Transformation, was a staff member of Ed and Ruth Silvoso in Resistentia (Argentina) and saw this city being transformed.


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Inhoud training

Week 1: Answering the call

In this session you will:

  • Discover that God has more faith in you than you have in yourself.
  • Learn what Jesus meant when he said, “I will build my church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it” (Matthew 16:18).
  • Answer the call to be the Ekklesia in the marketplace and disciple nations beginning with yourself, your family, and your immediate sphere of influence.

Yes, God has more faith in you than you do in yourself. Most people have a hard time acknowledging that God doesn't just love them. He actually likes them. When you understand that God craves intimacy with you, you will run to Him, sit on His lap and enjoy Him. In the process you will take a step forward towards fulfilling your destiny! You will receive life-changing instruction on how to receive the spirit of adoption in order to fulfil your destiny to be a faithful son or daughter of God your Father. Once you hear the call to be part of Jesus’ Ekklesia with the commission to disciple nations, you will begin to see the unlimited potential of your life. When you let God’s faith in you jumpstart your faith in Him, you will begin to do extraordinary deeds that begin in your own heart, then in your family, and then in your sphere of influence. This is what the school of Transformation is all about and it all begins when you ‘answer the call’.

Week 2: Understanding the battleground

In this session you will:

  • Learn how Jesus’ Ekklesia operates in the heavenly places doing what the Roman Ekklesia did in the natural realm.
  • Learn how to win the spiritual battle in the heavenly places by cancelling the enemy’s jurisdiction in your personal life.

Foundational to personal transformation is winning the spiritual battle first in your own life. In order to do that, we must understand that the battleground is in the heavenly places that Paul talks about in the book of Ephesians. We must know at all times where our battleground is.
On the battlefield it is not the knowledge you have vital, but the knowledge you don’t have. The things you know nothing of is your biggest threat and can cost you your live. That is the same with spiritual warfare. Be prepared for your enemy, the devil! Get to know his tactics so you can conquer him when he attacks.

Often, Christians become war casualties when they least expect it, and in places where they sincerely believe they are out of danger. This is why so many Christians have been seriously wounded in the safest of all places, such as in church, at home, or while fellowshipping with other believers. To them, the battlefield was somewhere else, most likely on the mission field, thousands of miles away. Or, they think, perhaps the closest battlefield would be in the so-called inner city, usually among the ethnic ghettos, where pimps, drug dealers and gangs struggle for survival. In those awful places, yes! Closer to home? Never! What a dangerous miscalculation!
Our battle is in the heavenly places, the spiritual realm, against principalities and powers. The enemy is trying to control our minds, because if he can control our thinking he can control our actions and neutralize us as God's representatives on earth. This is why it is imperative that we understand where the battle field is and how to access all the resources God has provided through Christ for us to be victorious.

Week 3: Pulling down Strongholds

In this session you will:

  • Identify five obstacles that keep us from understanding that everybody is a minister in the Ekklesia and that ministry is a lifestyle to be carried out in the marketplace.
  • Learn six transition points into new paradigms for powerful ministry as the Ekklesia.
  • Understand what spiritual strongholds are, how they keep you from your destiny, and how to pull them down. You will be asked to commit to the ‘40-day Treatment’ to deal with a specific stronghold in your personal life.

Everyone has a ministry and is a ‘pastor’ in the marketplace. We all have to live our faith on the specific spot where God puts us at work.
We often make a division between work and faith and that is a lie and an obstacle (stronghold of Satan) that holds us back of bearing fruit as a disciple of Jesus.
Therefore transformation must begin in our personal lives. This means we must first secure the perimeter there. To do this we must learn how to pull down strongholds in our personal life and relationships. A stronghold is a mindset impregnated with hopelessness that causes us to accept as unchangeable situations we know are contrary to the will of God. Strongholds are Satan's secret weapon. He uses them to control our behaviour and to blackmail us. If we can neutralize Satan’s secret weapon of strongholds and control the heavenly realm in our personal life, we grow in our confidence that we can transform our family and eventually our entire sphere of influence.


Week 4: Marriage intimacy

In this session you will:

  • Learn four keys to transformation focused on recognizing and partnering with divinely placed marketplace ministers.
  • Learn, according to the Ephesians Grid, how transformation begins in the home with husbands and wives.

Transformation begins with personal transformation and then transformation in our closest relationships. If you are married that means your spouse. Your Spouse is God’s Only Exclusive Gift to You. We will teach you on the importance of having intimacy in marriage in order to be effective ministers in the marketplace and to our communities. We give very practical teaching to couples to regain and guard their intimacy. But not only practical for couple. The greatest thing to happen to us as believers is to be forgiven, to know that every wrong thing we have done has been wiped clean by the blood of Jesus. However so often we ourselves still live with a nightmare: someone has hurt us and even though we try to forgive we fail time and again. In this lesson you will learn from the word of God how to forgive the unforgivable. You will be set free and become a better person as a result!
The restoration of the relationship between men and women is the point of inception for reconciliation in other relationships and the foundation for transformation.

Week 5: Prayer Evangelism as a family lifestyle

In this session you will:

  • Learn about four levels at which Christians operate in the marketplace and how to operate at the highest level, transforming the marketplace.
  • Learn the four steps of prayer evangelism according to Luke 10 and how to develop ministry as a family lifestyle.
  • Learn how prayer evangelism enables you and your family to go to a hurting world with solutions.

Prayer evangelism is talking to God about our neighbours before we talk to our neighbours about God. There are a lot of Christians who have a genuine desire to witness to the lost but who feel inadequate or scared to share the gospel with them. Prayer Evangelism is not a program but a lifestyle with our family where we change the spiritual climate in our family and beyond. When we bless those who are antagonistic to us, fellowship rather than avoid them, minister to them rather than judge them and then proclaim to them the Kingdom of God has come, we change the spiritual climate and bring people into God’s kingdom wherever we live, work, and play as a family.

Week 6: Changing the spiritual climate

In this session you will:

  • See how the principles of spiritual climate change over your city apply first to your family.
  • Learn three keys to changing the spiritual climate.
  • Learn the four principles of Prayer Evangelism as tool to change the spiritual climate in your home.

Prayer is not just a tool to support evangelism. Prayer for the felt needs of the lost is the most effective way to demonstrate the love of God.
By implementing the simple instructions of Jesus in Luke (ch. 10) to Bless, Fellowship, Minister and then Proclaim, we can change the spiritual climate around us. Changing the climate is not unknown to us. Our problem is that we do not believe that the same climate we have in church can and should be all over the city. God’s faith in us. We have learned in week 5 that by practicing personal prayer evangelism it is possible to change the spiritual climate around ones immediate sphere of influence. Now we will see that it is also possible to change the spiritual climate over your entire city!


Week 7: Reclaiming the marketplace

In this session you will:

  • Look at an overview the 5 pivotal paradigms.
  • Focus on Paradigm 2, which has to do with reclaiming my sphere of influence.
  • Receive a vision of the cross where Jesus took away the ‘act of the decrees’ listing every sin and iniquity. And as you understand that you will see how you are called to reclaim everything Jesus redeemed.
  • Learn three powerful principles of Gideon’s life that will help you overcome your fears and self-doubt and take transformation to your sphere of influence.

Five Pivotal Paradigms for Nation Transformation. These paradigms are like reading glasses. They do not create anything new but allow you to see what you couldn't see before. When you re-read the scriptures through the lens of these biblical paradigms you will see the great commission in a whole new light. While the first paradigm describes the “what” - to disciple all the nations, the second paradigm describes the ‘why’. Jesus didn’t die just for souls. He died for everything that was lost (Luke 19:10). Jesus has redeemed not only our relationship with Him and with each other, but also the marketplace. It is now up to us, His church, to reclaim all that was lost You will be learn how to bring the power and presence of God to your workplace, and you will be empowered to make the world a better place.

Week 8: The keys to the Kingdom

In this session you will:

  • Learn how when Jesus died, he made it possible for us to go to the marketplace on Monday with the same anointing that a pastor comes to the pulpit with on Sunday.
  • Learn the powerful impact that occurs when pulpit and marketplace ministers work together to bring transformation to their city.
  • Learn how to bring transformation to your sphere of influence by seeing Paul’s experience of two set-backs and two victories.
  • Learn how to identify and unlock the Gates of Hades in your sphere of influence.

The third and fourth paradigms address the ‘how’ of Nation Transformation. The third paradigm says, ‘labour is worship, and every believer is a minister’. When we discover, according to Col. 3:23, that our labour is worship done unto the Lord rather than for people, then our job becomes our ministry. When we operate with this paradigm, we begin to bring the Lord’s presence and His kingdom into the marketplace. Paradigm 4: We are called to take the kingdom of God where the kingdom of darkness is, in order to watch the Gates of Hades collapse and to see Jesus build His church in the marketplace. And again we need to understand that all the devil has are gates. And the Lord took away the keys of Hades and death renamed them the keys of the kingdom and gave them to us to go to bind and to release. We will make is practical and you will make steps in faith.

Week 9: Eliminating Systemic poverty

In this session you will:

  • Learn the four dimensions of poverty and how the gospel really is ‘good news to the poor’.
  • See how the rich and the poor must come together to eliminate poverty.
  • See how the elimination of poverty puts ‘skin’ on Jesus so that unbelievers believe in the resurrection as they did in the early church.
  • Discover 5 streams which must converge for nations to be healed.

The fifth paradigm states that Transformation must be tangible and that the primer social indicator that Transformation has occurred is the elimination of systemic poverty. To eliminate systemic poverty we must first understand poverty and wealth from the biblical perspective. Systematic poverty is something different than personal poverty because you were born in it and your life is controlled by it, whether you want it or not. Poverty deprived masses of people of their daily bread and steals away the income of their work and it maintains poverty. This is not God’s desire and purpose and therefore the system has to be changed.

Week 10: Graduation day - The Way Forward Step by Step

This is graduation day! Review major highlights from nine weeks. The key to the way forward is integrating your life with your role in the church and in the marketplace, so that the church becomes the expression of the kingdom of God incarnated 24/7 in the marketplace which is the heart of our cities and nations. Our vision is to deliver the premier marketplace discipling program for coaching and nurturing entrepreneurs in bringing transformation to their companies, industries and nations and make groups work together. These groups are designed to provide a place where transformational entrepreneurs can meet to exchange ideas, advice and best practices. Transformation Groups are formed around geography, industry or professional peer affinity. We already start groups were you can participate.
Meetings may be virtual or geographically based depending on the group. Each Exchange Group session includes review and discussion of a transformational lesson topic, open round-table discussion on topics introduced by group participants, and a time of prayer. Exchange Groups are designed to help entrepreneurs grow as transformation practitioners through a process of individual and group discipling.

Content of the evening and preparation

Each evening’s program contains the following: Proclamation, education, small group discussion, transfer of the transformation principals and impartation.
The evening starts at 19.00. From 21.30 until 22.30 there is time for prayer, fellowship and there is the possibility to receive prophetic words for everyone.
Read the material of each lesson carefully beforehand. Also prepare yourself spiritually, because God rewards those who earnestly seek him.
At the end of every evening you receive a questionnaire to take home with you. This you can use to test yourself if you have heard the message of the evening correctly. At the next meeting you will receive the answers so you can check your own answers with those. You can use this as a tool to go through the material of the evening again.

Get inspired

You will be inspired by the testimonies from all over the world that show you radical transformation of people, cities and nations! In Thailand corruption ended, in Juarez (Mexico) miracles were experienced, in Indonesia systemic poverty ended, in New Jersey the number of crimes committed dropped, in Hawaii hunger was eradicated, in the Philippines cities were transformed, in Hong Kong justice was promoted.

There are also a lot of books and DVD’s on transformation available. See at

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