Siebe & Volke Slagter

"The Netherlands craves for identifiable figures"

It is our heart’s desire to bring people to their destination, to bring restoration and to equip them to be a disciple. So that Christians in The Netherlands take their place and become visible in business, politics, media, healthcare etc. Empower them and send to be sent out. Because The Netherlands craves for identifiable figures.

siebevolkeIt is our dream that godly men and women rise in The Netherlands. People who know what it is to be a son or daughter of God. Who not only act out of their natural talents, but also live a Spirit-filled life. People who obey God’s Word and bring others closer to God. People who want to bring The Netherlands back to the Father heart of God. Men and women who spread the fragrance of Christ and build His Kingdom. This calls for faith and commitment, vision for your life and a persistent prayer life.

A lot of people do not have a clear vision for their life. To reach your destination you have to make your moves, in other words: you have to get active. We stimulate people and organizations to do so. We love to  position Christians. In order to do so we have to know something about their talents. Because talents tell us something about God’s plan with this person and with his or her position in society. We do not know exactly what God is going to do with this person, but we do know in what areas he or she does best. The talents of a person defines the direction of someone’s development and growth. People in general not only want to know their talents, but are eager to get an answer to the question: Why do I live on earth? A lot of people, Christian or not, are looking for their destiny. We map their talents and help them living  in their destiny. We equip people to be sent out to the position in society that God has in mind for them.

Siebe is a business consultant with his own company SVision Management Consultants. He is often requested by executives for developing vision and mission, to guide them in change management or to train the team. He shapes growth scenario’s or assists in interim jobs to create order. A lot of directors have an unsettled feeling and insufficient focus in their lives. Siebe asks them for example: “You want financial growth in your company, but do you want to grow personally as well?” Not only to be personally more effective, but also spiritually. You cannot run a big business like that, that calls for leadership. So you can coach them in their business, but also spiritually. You can teach them to make a difference as a Christian. To make sure the uniqueness of their company is made visible. But also that the uniqueness of God will be seen through them. We do not only work with Christian companies. Those non-Christian companies do not ask primarily for spiritual coaching.  But it is obvious that God will show us the need of their heart and will touch their heart. God is a God of restoration and not a God of judgment. A few entrepreneurs became Christian in this way.
Nehemia got the assignment to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Today there are still walls to rebuild. When we see the spiritual need in The Netherlands, God can give us the vision and the desire to rebuild. With this passion we can call on others for prayer and make an action plan. Being a leader called by God means: take position, show perseverance and take your responsibilities. To lead others you need to have an observant heart to understand God’s purposes with your own life and the lives of others.

What you own, is proof of what your are able to. What you do with it, is proof of who you are.

We have a lot of clients who are unsettled or bound and want to gain more insight into their life. Volke maps their talents and asks them questions like: Who am I?; How do I behave?; How can I become the person that I am and do the things that motivate me. What you own, is proof of what your are able to. What you do with it, is proof of who you are. Some clients are not enough aware of what they can and we coach them to make their moves. Eventually it is all about acting the way you are created. When you make your moves your identity in Christ become visible. First you find your destiny in God and after that God positions you in the world.

2 Petrus 1:10 says that every person has a calling. No matter what your daily work is, God called you. He wants us to make decisions based on His plan for our lives. That is our unique destiny. With God’s help you carry out this calling. And God promises that we will never stumble. Our talents are a reflection of our potential spiritual gifts. God gave you talents to provide in natural needs. But He also gave spiritual gifts to provide in spiritual needs. Like He promises in John 14:12. We want to stimulate people to make their moves. To not only focus on natural talents, but even more on the supernatural gifts of God. That what is beyond comprehension.

We live in a time that God shakes our country in every area of our lives. All the things we relied on, outside of God, will be tested. God is also restoring things. God is not only a God of the Reformation but also of restoration. The restoration of God’s Church. God is calling people out of all denominations we have in this country. More than ever truths from God’s Word will be revealed. We believe it is important that our faith is built in times of praying and fasting. That it is important to call out to God with our desires. That we become strong believers. We believe God wants to show us great and mighty things, which we do not know (Jeremiah 33;3), when we totally surrender to Him. We believe that God can do mighty things through every one of us, as long as we spend a lot of time with God the Almighty and our Father. We do not doubt about the fact that He will do enormous things for our country when we return to God. The history of the revivals learns us three things: Christians have to repent, a huge hunger and love for the Word of God and an intimate relationship with Him raises and Christians are going to live a Spirit-filled life.

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