Foundation Transform Our World Nederland

Address: Garderenseweg 259, 3852 NH Ermelo

Tel.: +31 (0)577 407600


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bank account: NL15 INGB 0008 1189 41, tnv. Stichting Transform Our World Nederland.

RSIN: 858059940

KvK nr.: 69904065

Date of formation: 24 October 2017

Registered office: Ermelo


The target of the foundation is to make fundamental improvements in the spiritual, physical and material living conditions of individuals and communities living in difficult situations and to assist in making positive choices which will improve their own difficult situation and that from others, and furthermore everything that can be done considering the above.
The focus is on individuals and communities inland and abroad, irrespective of their religious or ethnic background or nature.
Besides that the foundation focusses on taking care of orphans, widows and other vulnerable people.

In summary:

  1. To bring shalom, justice and joy through projects of justice that eliminate slavery, poverty and corruption.
  2. To develop education and training programs and create jobs for underprivileged children and adults.
  3. To establish local health projects to promote necessary medical and nursing help.
  4. To establish, promote and offer ways to house orphans, aids patients and adults.
  5. Giving means to live and promote the spiritual wellbeing of underprivileged children and adults.
  6. Day care of orphans, widows and other vulnerable people.

There will be no payments for people working in one of the bodies of the foundation. The only aim of the foundation is general interest and not to gain any financial profit.

Ways to achieve our goals:

The foundation tries to reach the goals by using all legal funds, especially by the following:

  • To give basic necessity of life and livelihood to vulnerable children and adults.
  • To give material, human and medical help.
  • To develop and stimulate training in disadvantaged regions.
  • To participate in activities of others.
  • To finance travel and subsistence expenses (such as hotel accommodation) that are made for the above goals of the foundation.
  • To build new relationships between related organizations.
  • To publish new publications.
  • Making donations.

Mr. Siebe Slagter, chairman

Mr. Moses Alagbe, secretary

Mr. Arnold van Binsbergen, corporate treasurer

System of reward:
The board of directors: All directors can get a reasonable payment for the costs they made to enable their work for the foundation. The directors do not receive a reward for their duties.

Stafworkers: As soon as stafworkers are being hired, there will be a pay and benefits package as mentioned in the cao Social Work.

Policy plan:

The policy of 2018 and following years:

  • Further developing (digital) teaching material;
  • To give training in disadvantaged regions;
  • To organize leadership conferences to connect executives from the same branch;
  • To cooperate with the local authorities in local projects concerning poverty reduction, employment projects and medical care;
  • To advice local and nationwide administrations.

Concrete projects:

  1. In the past 75 adults are trained in Amsterdam ZO to help them improve their living conditions  in the field of family, nurture, work and living environment. This training will be given more often in Amsterdam and other cities with disadvantage problems.
  2. Supporting projects that help prostitutes to exit by helping them to build up a new life.

Financial accountability:

The financial year is same as the calendar year.

At the end of every financial year the books of the foundation are closed. The corporate treasurer makes a balance sheet with costs and benefits from the financial year that is closed.
Per het einde van ieder boekjaar worden de boeken van de stichting afgesloten. These annual accounts will be presented to the board of directors within five months after the closing of the fiancial year, together with – if the board decides so – a report from an expert.

The annual accounts are determined by the board. Subject to special circumstances, the determination of the annual reports are given by the board to the corporate treasurer discharge.


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