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10 Steps in the Transformation Journey

Transformation is a journey, the following 10 steps are phases of that journey. They show the progress and are intended to help you move forward. They are not a 10 step formula or program …

Some of the stages are consecutive, other stages overlap or can develop side by side. This journey is a lifestyle reflecting an inner transformation that flows out to your world around you so all the stages are continuously ongoing as the journey unfolds. However, breaking this process down into stages helps us to understand what needs to be done in order to see transformation take place.



10 Steps in the Transformation Journey

Transformation starts in me …

To make a commitment to transformation obviously requires first being exposed to the teaching. Initially it may come through a testimony, a video or reading one of Ed Silvoso's books. However, don't stop there. Become proactive. This initial interest needs to be followed up by immersing yourself in the principles. Attend a Transform Our World regional conference or more favourably the TOW Global Conference where there will be an intense baptism in transformation.

Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you and upon conviction of the truth of the teaching make a commitment to God to personally follow the Lord in this. This is the foundation stone for everything that follows.
Make contact with others who are practitioners, either globally, regionally or on a local level (if there is anyone else in your city committed to the transformation principles). Develop a regular system of networking with like-minded people.

Transition to Step 2
We have made a commitment because we have been deeply impressed by what we have seen and heard, but how do we start to experience for ourselves the amazing effects of Transformation? We need to grow in the implementation of what's we've committed to.

Reading the books available from Harvest Evangelism will increase your knowledge and understanding of the Teaching.
It is good to read them through once to grasp the overall picture of the purpose of each book, and then read them a second time making notes. In this way you will start to understand what you must do practically to live out a Transformation lifestyle. Each time you learn a principle, make a commitment to God to live it out.
As a general principle you will learn that the 5 Paradigms for Nation Transformation will be the basis for a new vision (initially for your personal goals, but eventually as the basis for every kind of Christian influence in a nation, e.g. a church, a school, a business, etc). At this point you should examine your own life goals and adapt them to come in line with the 5 paradigms.
As you develop your Transformation Lifestyle, you then implement Prayer Evangelism as the everyday outworking of your new vision. Blessing, Fellowshipping with others, Meeting Felt Needs and Ministering the Kingdom of God now becomes a process in everything that you do.

Transition to Step 3
The only way that you can effectively pass on to others what you have received is to have a good knowledge and understanding of the principles and then to demonstrate that they work. Then you can lead by example.

The next stage is to effectively pass on what you have discovered to others … This will happen in a number of ways and will be different whether you are a Pastor or a Marketplace Minister. Most important is to impart the Transformation Vision to key leaders. If you are a pastor these leaders are the core leadership of your church. If you are a marketplace minister, these are the people who are or are going to become your core leadership team for transformation. If you are a business owner, or executive, they may be the leadership team of your business or your department. They may be friends who share your heart for transformation. Don't be intimidated if you need to start from scratch. The Lord will direct you to the right people who you are called to work together with as family to build transformation.
Arrange special times where you can share what has happened to you with them. Make sure that each of them has access to the books to read (with church elders, Transformation by Ed Silvoso is essential). Give them a few days to read the book. Then start to go through the book together allowing time for discussion … take your time with this, it is not a speed test, but rather a way in which everyone will get on the same page. The goal is to have your senior leaders in line with your vision so that you can bring this vision to the church. Towards this end the TOW events are invaluable, and you should involve as many of your leaders as possible in both regional events and the TOW Global Conference. By this phase you should finish the online mentoring source session 9-11, have read all of Ed Silvoso's books: That None Should Perish, Prayer Evangelism, Anointed for Business,Transformation, and Women God's Secret Weapon. Personal development continues as it always will but now you are adding to that developing others into a transformational lifestyle. If you have made it this far you are ready to join The School of Transformation, and we Encourage you to apply. It is also critical that you watch the Online Mentoring Session 10 on the Spirit of Adoption.

Transition to Step 4
As your leadership team commit to the 2 Banks of the River you will need to make structural and operational changes first in the local church and then in the marketplace. If you are a Marketplace minister this order will be reversed, you will start where you have direct jurisdiction, the marketplace and then move to where you have influence, the local church.

As a marketplace minister you will implement this in the Marketplace. It will be helpful for you to skip ahead to step 6, then cover this step in place of step 6...

As the congregation commits to the Transformation teaching a time will come (sooner rather than later) when you will need to change the vision and mission statement of the church just as you did for your own personal goals. Note: this does not affect your denominational commitments, but rather sets the focus of the local church to outwork transformation principles.

As a general rule, the 5 paradigms should affect the church vision and Prayer Evangelism the Mission Statement.

Begin to preach on Sunday messages that support Transformation teaching. A good way to do this is to start with the 5 paradigms. With paradigm #1 that would mean teaching about having a love for the world, not just for your neighbour. If you have home groups, provide discussion questions based upon what was preached on the previous Sunday so that you have the whole congregation talking about Transformation.

It is good to introduce prayer evangelism while teaching on Transformation Paradigm #3: All Christians Are in Full Time Ministry and Labor is Worship.

Preaching and teaching is not enough, however, you also have to model what you teach. Include practical examples of what you do to put the teaching into practice. Show how the 2 Banks of the River is lived out.

Give time for impartation in meetings and pray for those who desire to commit to a lifestyle of transformation.

These changes will have an effect, short and long term, on the structure of the church, training programs and also on the methods of evangelism and format of meetings.
Everything that takes place under the heading of church activity should reflect the new vision and mission statement. For example, Transformation Groups (TG) which can be small group meetings in homes, offices, etc. following the 4 stages of Prayer Evangelism would organize their meetings as follows:

- welcome time (blessing)
- discussion (fellowship)
- prayer requests (meet felt needs)
- impartation (declare the Kingdom of God has come)

In this way the TG becomes an expression of the transformation vision of the church.

Transition to Step 5
Of course this has to translate in a spiritual sense, not just a practical one. So how do you see the blessing begin? The primary desired goal of implementing Prayer Evangelism is in seeing a change in the spiritual climate over the family, workplace and city. It is therefore important to implement an effective prayer strategy.

As each member of the congregation begins to bless and pray for their community they are taking an active role in changing the spiritual climate over their sphere of influence.

TG's therefore become lighthouses of prayer as they bless their immediate location every time that they meet and release their members to do so on a daily basis.

Intercessors should also meet together on a regularly to support church activity and pray for the city and specific areas that need to be addressed. Very quickly a strategic prayer plan will become apparent to address particular strongholds in the city.

Your spouse is your chief intercessor that is why at this step Women God's Secret Weapon is a must read, and we recommend you review the Online Mentoring Session 4 on Intimacy in Marriage.

Transition to Step 6
Prayer and Transformational Lifestyle need to be linked and applied to the market place.

The effective mobilization of marketplace ministers to bring the Kingdom of God to their spheres of influence is most significant when it is applied to their areas of employment...

Each church member should be encouraged to apply Prayer Evangelism in his or her school and place of work. Although this is supported through preaching and the giving of testimonies on Sunday, the real impetus for church members is gained through the TG's where they have the opportunity to share their difficulties and triumphs with subsequent prayer requests and praise. Each member of the TG acts as an encouragement to spur on Prayer Evangelism in the Market Place.

In addition to the TG, local church strategies should be developed to open up areas of the market place not covered by church members for example with the government, educational establishments etc.

Transformation Groups can be started in the marketplace.
It is then very important for the pulpit ministers to give equal recognition to the market place ministers as the local church comes to recognize that the great majority of church growth occurs not in the church based meetings but in the market place. As each church member believes that they are anointed ministers so the problem of rapid growth is answered … everyone does the pastoral care!

Transition to Step 7
Relationships will at some point need to be taken to a deeper level to deal with the effects of the orphan spirit, systemic corruption and systemic poverty in both individuals and market place institutions as well as on a city wide and eventually national level.

Prayer Evangelism enables the Transformation Group to become relevant to their local area as they adopt their streets. Adopt Your Street is a powerful tool to serve this process...

While this can be organized by a church, or even The Church of the City, it is in the TG group where the momentum is kept on a daily basis. This is where street adoption can be accurately measured and encouraged, as prayer for the local streets, and specifically the street that have been adopted by each member is incorporated into the meeting.

Adoption is not only about to streets meaning the physical entity of the street, it is about what is on the streets: schools, office blocks, factories, government offices can be adopted and the people who live and work in these. Of course this then applies on a wider level to the City and Nation.

Also in the phase, the adoption of individuals through mentoring by the scaffolding system should be implemented. The scaffolding system is:
- I do you watch
- You do with me
- You do I watch
- You train someone else

Transition to Step 8
As people are mentored, streets and facilities adopted people will be encouraged to have faith as they obediently put into practice the 2 Banks of the River. This will lead to answers to prayer.

Extraordinary miracles can occur right from the moment that you adopt a transformation lifestyle. However, there is a difference between experiencing a one-off extraordinary event and changing the spiritual climate to such an extent that the extraordinary becomes the norm...

As people receive the revelation from the teaching (2 Banks of the River), they will then have faith to obediently follow the vision and apply Luke 10 teaching. This will increase the frequency that extraordinary miracles take place.

Testimonies should be encouraged on a regular basis. Firstly because they help us to overcome the evil one, and secondly, because they encourage others to step out in faith and obedience. A Sunday where there are so many testimonies that the preacher can't preach is a wonderful thing!

Transition to Step 9
It takes the whole church to bring the whole gospel to the whole city. Ed Silvoso
The most effective way to bring other churches into the Transformation Movement in a city or nation is to demonstrate how it works in your church. Testimonies of extraordinary miracles and unprecedented growth speak for themselves.

Even in the most difficult of situations where inter-church relationships have broken down, the principles of Prayer Evangelism can bring peace and restore unity...

Now that you have a base of operations and a proven track record of success to come with real hope and proven principles, enlarge the vision to see your nations...
Look to touch regional and national government, trade and industry, and the national education policy and system. Look to address the needs of your nation and solve problems. Look to the elimination of systemic poverty by uprooting and healing systemic corruption. All things are possible to him who believes!

This brings us full circle, because to go for the nations, we have to go back to the foundation of our personal commitment to be used by our father to transformation nations. That is how ordinary people can do extraordinary deeds.

Inspiration from all over the world

Get inspired by the testimonies about the drastic change of people, cities and nations. For example: Corruption ended in Thailand, miracles happened in Juarez (Mexico), in Indonesia systematic poverty ended, in New Jersey crime has been reduced, in Hawaii hunger decreased, in the Philippines whole cities were transformed and in Hong Kong they stood up for justice. Visit

There is also a lot of material about transformation available, such as books and DVD’s. Have a look at

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