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TransformOurWorld is a worldwide strategic alliance of marketplace and pulpit ministers from all walks of life who Pray, Partner & Participate. TransformOurWorld is focused on developing transformational, God-honoring solutions to the systemic social, economic, educational, and governmental ills facing the nations of the world, in essence to see the will of God done on Earth as Jesus taught us. We invite you to join TransformOurWorld Nederland, the Dutch family of ordinary people doing extraordinary deeds to bring God’s goodness, peace and joy to the world.


Do you want to join this network? Please sign in for free and experience the advantages of this international alliance for your personal transformation adventure! We will keep you informed with transformation news from the Netherland and worldwide through our newsletter. That will give you the feeling of belonging to this international ‘family’. You will know personal growth in your spiritual life through the courses we give and you will be inspired and get fresh ideas by reading the testimonies of others.

Transformation groups

The key to continuity of the ongoing process of bringing transformation is to embed it in your daily life in society, that is how the Church will be seen in the marketplace, the heart of our cities and countries.

It is our goal to be the first to have a discipleship program for entrepreneurs who want to bring transformation in their companies, industry or nation and bring them together in a task force. In these transformation groups they can exchange knowledge and experience of a specific working area and new strategies can be born.
These transformation groups are meant to be to exchange ideas, advice one another and learn from each other’s best practices.

Join one of the existing groups or start a new group in your working area. Please contact us to help you to connect with other people. The groups are formed geographically and by their discipline. There are already some existing groups you can join. The meetings can be virtual or on a central location in the Netherlands.

Every group session has a central theme that is associated with transformation. We talk about that in a group discussion and have prayer time together. The groups help entrepreneurs individually or as a group to grow in their role in bringing transformation.

SVision Management Consultants and TransformOurWorld

In his daily life Siebe is a business consultant and advisor. Out of his consultancy SVision, he and his wife Volke developed specific programs to position entrepreneurs and their companies really well. He is specialised in transformation by coaching leaders in how to host and carry Gods presence and power in their business. Through this, their circle of influence will be transformed and God’s Kingdom becomes visible in society. The organizations Siebe advises and coaches know considerable growth.

Siebe’s heart is to give direction to people and organizations and to see them transform in how God meant it to be. Siebe: “It is amazing to be part of building companies and projects that actually change the spiritual atmosphere of the city and to see God's great love being carried out and made visible. Our work brings us in different places of the world. This makes me meet different entrepreneurs and pastors. Different ideas are being birthed, knowledge & wisdom is being shared and projects are being launched.

Please contact us if you would desire to be given advise or if you would like to be brought in contact with others.

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